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Christian Comics Pioneers

Kevin Frank - thenKevin Frank (USA / CANADA)

Kevin Frank was a staff cartoonist for Chicago’s Cornerstone Magazine from 1984 until 1998. For each issue, he created a 2-page color comic feature called Oboe Jones, with one of his comics winning first place in the cartoon category from the Evangelical Press Association in 1989. An anthology of Oboe Jones comics was released in 1992.

Kevin later freelanced for publishers including Cook Communications, Group Publishing, Christianity Today Magazine, Tyndale House Publishers, and the Salvation Army. He created a full-page color comic feature for Campus Life Magazine called ZED that ran from 2004-2005 and won Kevin a second EPA award in 2004. 

 Zed was the inspiration for a newspaper comic feature called Heaven's Love Thrift Shop about a charitable thrift store run by three people of faith. King Features Syndicate distributed the strip internationally to Sunday newspapers from 2006-2016. The comic strip was profiled in The New York Times in 2006. 

Currently Mr. Frank creates early-reader graphic novels for children. In 2016 the publisher Kane Miller released Frank's first book, Scurvy Dogs, that followed the swashbuckling backyard pets Captain Hooktail, First Mate Chubs, Helmsman Patch, and Tinkles in their treasure hunt for bones. The second volume, Scurvy Dogs and the Dinosaur Boneyard followed in 2019, and the third volume, Moby Catfish, was released in 2021. Kevin Frank also does school visits where he describes his road to publication and gives tips for aspiring authors and illustrators. 

Samples of Kevin’s work may be seen online at



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