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Notable Christian Comics Series
Dennis and the Bible Kids

Dennis and the Bible Kids was a Christian-oriented "Dennis the Menace" series published by Word Books in Waco, Texas USA. There were six 1977 titles (Jesus, Joseph, David, The Girls, Moses, More about Jesus) and four 1980 titles (The Lord's Prayer, Stories Jesus Told, Paul - God's Traveler, In the Beginning).

The credits in the front of the books say "Pictures by Hank Ketchum" and "Stories by Fred Toole," but in a letter dated 7 May 1981, the late Fred Toole reported, "As to our Bible Kids books, Hank did a great many of the Bible scenes, but the Dennis pages were done by an assistant, who has since been replaced." (One source has reported that this unnamed Ketchum assistant was Al Wiseman, but other "Dennis" collectors and fans disagree.)

Some of these "Dennis" titles may still be available through the Christian Comics Catalog.

On a related note, a book entitled Dennis the Menace: Prayers and Graces by Hank Ketcham (with a Foreword by Ruth and Billy Graham) was published by Westminster/John Knox Press in March 1993.

The Six 1977 Titles:

#1 - "Jesus"
ISBN # 0-87680-794-5

#2 - "Joseph"
ISBN # 0-87680-797-x

#3 - "David"
ISBN# 0-8768/0-796-1

#4 - "The Girls"
("The Bible Girls")
ISBN # 0-87680-798-8

#5 - "Moses"
ISBN # 0-87680-795-3

#6 - "More about Jesus"
ISBN # 0-87680-799-6

The Four 1980 Titles:

#7 - "The Lord's Prayer"
ISBN #0-8499-2879-6

#8 - "Stories Jesus Told"
ISBN #0-8499-2880-x

#9 - "Paul, God's Traveler"
ISBN #0-8499-2881-8

#10 - "In the Beginning"
ISBN # 0-8499-2882-6

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